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   I'm so excited to paint and create with you. Really, I am. My name is Ruth, and I've been creating for awhile now. I'm an accidental artist who's found we all can create.  So don't worry about your level of experience, I'll take you step-by-step, so you're never alone in the creative process. Together we'll focus on fun, connection and some self care. Let's get this party started and create a design you'll be proud to display and that's as unique as you are!


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We had Soooo much FUN!
Ruth gave us a supply list, and template and we where ready to go. We followed her detailed instructions painted right along with her. We had a blast and created great memories virtually. I can't wait to display my snow man next season. Thank you Ruth!
Kay T.


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Well I'll say it again, I'm excited that you've stopped by my site. We like to party and create, so together it's a great combination.  We will make it easy for you as a host with online and in person paint parties and paint kit options for any celebration, get together or fundraiser. 

Yes, I offer shipping within the U.S!

Message or call me and let's talk about your event goals, I look forward to talking with you soon!

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Ruth Mancilla